Our Story

We are an underdog story.

North Harrow Community Library was formerly part of the Harrow Library Services. North Harrow Library was closed in June 2015 following government cuts which saw four libraries closed in Harrow alone. The North Harrow Library Trust formed to prevent the shutting down of the North Harrow Library but when it was clear that they could not stop the Library from being closed by the council, they decided to work on an even crazier plan – to turn the shell of North Harrow Library into a working community library and space, run purely by volunteers. Countless petitions, surveys, business plans, contracts- and a full three years- later, we received the keys to North Harrow Community Library.

This is when the work really began. Our whole Library is run by volunteers type: entry-hyperlink id: c6uimOg2MR3d6inndJPnlYk– from cleaning three years’ worth of dust to organising the books, from setting up a brand-new record system to check out and check in books, to liaising with the local community and businesses, everything was done and is done by volunteers. We opened our doors to the public in September 2018, and the rest, as they say, is history. Now when you visit our Library, you will meet our friendly volunteers who have given up their time to ensure everyone has access to library services. You will be able to join Rhyme Time, led by our fantastic volunteer storyteller. You can take out books, use our computers, attend events with authors and join classes that are held at the Library.

North Harrow Community Library is here today because we believe that a Library space and a community space is important for all individuals in society. Our volunteers type: entry-hyperlink id: c6uimOg2MR3d6inndJPnlYkgive up their time and energy because they believe in this, as do all who support and donate to us. North Harrow Community Library is just beginning. Come along and see what we will do next.